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Player Information
Player name: Shini/Kit
Contact: [ profile] eloquencejones
Other characters in the game: Dick Grayson

Character Information
Character Name: Gaius Maecenas
Canon: Rome
Canon Point: Post S2
Species: Human
History: He's fairly minor but here is the history of the actual historical personage, that Rome mostly matches up with.
He joins up with Octavian when the latter runs away from home and travels to Campania to stay with their mutual friend Agrippa, and his history involves following along with Octavian as detailed here

Personality: Maecenas is a terrible person with enough bad habits for an empire, he's happy to write speeches for Octavian about how the Roman citizens should strive to a higher moral value - as long as he doesn't have to do it himself. He is lazy, entitled, smug, arrogant and incredibly fond of women, men, booze, drugs and any other vice you've got to offer him.

He is self-serving and cunning, he'll play nice and smile and stab you in the back the first chance he gets - unless you continue to be useful to him of course. He's excellent at manipulating people and always likes to get what he wants.

He does have some good points, they're just hidden very, very deep down. He can be very loyal to the people he cares about, admittedly it's very well hidden behind layers of lazy sarcasm and (not so) gentle mocking, and it could easily be waved away as him hiding behind stronger people than himself - he's not the type to be a leader, more the cunning advisor to the throne, all the benefits with none of the responsibility or danger - but it can't entirely be explained away that way. If someone has his loyalty (aka Octavian), when things start to get rocky he's the type to extend that self-serving attitude and problem solving skills to you as well, rather than going for the double cross.

Ultimately, he's a hedonist, he believes in the finer things in life - including art and poetry, so he's not entirely without culture - and in keeping himself around to enjoy them, by whatever means necessary.

Specialty Skills:
Action Skills
Management - Bootlicking, chutzpah, con games, hygiene, moxie, oratory
Stealth -
Violence -

Knowledge Skills
Hardware -
Software -
Wetware -

Other Skills (not listed) - Poetry

Mutant Abilities: N/A
Service Firm and Position: Media Production and Approval Administrators. Clearance level yellow since timeskip.

Almost Done!
Would you like to volunteer your character to be a selected target of the Anti-Special Society (ASS)? Sure thing
Due to past trouble with Specials, some have been given specific trigger phrases to assist in controlling their traitorous tendencies. Does your character have a trigger phrase and if so, what is it? N/A
Do you agree that your character will be held accountable to the terms of Treason and Punishment if they are found to be guilty of treason? Yes, if he can't buy his way out


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Gaius Maecenas

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